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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 18, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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leads san jose officers on a wild live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. that end naked and shot by police, a suspect with no clothes on leads san jose officers on a wild chase that ends with a barrage of bullets. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. good evening. let's show you the live scene now in san jose, a situation that starts unfolding about 1:30 this afternoon and the investigation is still very active tonight, the vehicle still there 9 1/2 hours later. police first responded to a 911 call about a man acting erratically at fannion drive.
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>> reporter: san jose police still have part of the safeway shopping center roped off for investigation. mean while the suspect is in the hospital tonight with life threatening injuries. this bullet riddled pickup truck at the entrance to the shopping center is where an erratic naked man's crime spree ended. >> i couldn't believe it was actually happening. so i took cover behind my service vehicle. >> after i heard five bullet shots i came out and i was like oh, wow, there's a truck and the tactical squad coming at the car and this guy fighting back. basically the cops grabbed the door and pulled him out and he was completely naked. >> reporter: this cell phone video shows a cluster of san jose officers surrounding the man on the ground after he was hit by gunfire. the drama began in the sheet police say about 5 miles south -- street police say about 5
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miles south. >> we received a call on ava court and valerie drive in san jose, a man that was naked and acting erratically. >> reporter: when officers showed up, the man hopped into the car, sped off and hit a san jose patrol car. a high speed chase began. the partially battered pickup hit another car during his escape before it rolled into this parking lot. >> our officers attempted to make the car stop and take the suspect into custody. during that encounter multiple officers fired at the suspect. he was struck at least once. >> reporter: chopper 5 shows about two dozen sjpd patrol cars at the scene. evidence markers littered the street. for much of the day officers shut down surrounding streets. no officers were hurt during all this. police have not yet released the suspect's name and we don't yet know what caused him to behave erratically. in san jose betty yu, kpix5. tonight bay area freeway shootings are on the rise, but the chp is telling drivers don't worry about it.
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kpix5 reporter christin ayers is live along i-80 and pinole and a lot of drivers are wondering how can the chp say that? >> reporter: especially here in contra costa county where the bulk of those shootings are happening. authorities say gang members are using the freeway because they can make a fast get-away, but it's not just gang members getting hurt. >> the level of violence on our freeways and highways is unacceptable. >> reporter: highway patrol officers breaking down the staggering numbers in an alarming trend, freeway shootings on the rise in the bay area from 37 in 2015 to 55 last year and so far there have been 19 highway shootings in 2017. just last night a 17-year-old boy was shot in the face on 101 in east san jose, but in a press conference today law enforcement officials hammered homeone point over and over. >> these shootings have mostly involved targeted individuals, many related to gang on gang
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violence. >> our experience has been these aren't random shootings. >> the shootings are not random acts of road rage but are often targeted gang related shootings. >> reporter: a curious case to make one week after a gunman opened fire on interstate 80 killing 24-year-old demarcus dodd who authorities acknowledge had no gang ties whatsoever. >> all information that we have was the victim in this case was an absolute innocent victim. he had no gang affiliation. >> reporter: it's the kind of statement that would make anyone uneasy on bay area highways that are becoming battle grounds even always authorities insist -- >> the chp wants to reassure the public that they are safe as they drive the freeways and highways in our jurisdiction. >> reporter: authorities are still searching for the gunman in last night's shooting in san jose. they say they are two men who may have been driving a white dodge charger. christin ayers, kpix5. in moraga tonight police are investigating human remains a hiker found earlier today. the bones were in a secluded
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area between rheem boulevard and south lucille lane. police say they'd probably been there a while. as of now, foul play is not suspected. five suspects are in custody tonight after a hit and run crash that injured a bicyclist in palo alto. chopper 5 was overhead just before 5:00 today as police searched for the suspects along home early avenue. officers say two suspects -- homer avenue. officers say two suspects were arrested at the crash site, but three others took off running. officers found them over an hour later hiding in a nearby shed. the bicyclist hit has serious injuries but is expected to survive. tonight president donald trump is doubling down on his claims that former president obama wiretapped him and now he's dragging german chancellor angela merkel into it. kpix5's veronica de la cruz is here with the story. >> yeah, ken, during a press conference with merkel president trump took his nearly two week old claim that the
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obama administration spied on him one step further. >> as far as wiretapping i guess by, you know, this past administration at least we have something in common perhaps. >> he was apparently refusing to alleged obama era surveillance of merkel's cell phone by the national security agency. mr. trump also elaborated on another unverified allegation that president obama used british intelligence to. >> i on him after a fox news analyst made the -- to spy on him after a fox news analyst made the claim on tuesday. >> president obama went outside the chain of command. he didn't use the cia, fbi or department of justice. he used gchq, the initials for the british spying agency. >> i didn't make an opinion on it. so you shouldn't be talking to me. you should be talking to fox. >> the gchq said friday morning the allegation is utter ridiculous and should be ignored -- utter ridiculous and should be ignored. the white house acknowledged
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the concern but has not apologized. mr. trump started his day in the oval office offering concessions to conservative republicans who don't like his replacement for obamacare. >> these folks were mostly no's. >> that's correct. >> yesterday and now every single one is a yes. >> now the house is scheduled to vote on the bill thursday while the president spends the weekend at his florida estate gearing up for another busy week. >> thank you for that. the president landed in palm beach earlier today and tonight county officials there are telling him to pay up. the county says every time the president visits his mar-a-lago resort it costs that county about $60,000 in police overtime costs. the county says the meter will cross the $1 million mark during this weekend's visit. fall beach county says if it doesn't get -- palm beach county says if it doesn't get
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reimbursed for the costs, some local services may have to be cut. ever since president trump announced his intention to cut funding for wheels on wheels, donations have been pouring in. >> reporter: over the past nine years the pretender studio in santa monica has raised money for wheels on wheels west. a mother and daughter felt greater urgency to hand over a $10,000 check on friday. >> it's a gift for the kids. it's a gift for the parents to know their kids are a part of this incredible program and making sure we do our part to take care of pour community. >> reporter: she's emotional because much of the heavy lifting was done by her young dance students who put on a benefit show to bring in all that money. the girls say their latest effort is more important than ever after the white house proposed cuts to some of the funding for meals on wheels. >> i don't want to see all this hard work and everything we've done diamond of start to go
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backward. -- kind of start to go backward. >> reporter: 95-year-old rita mendelsohn gets her nutrition from meals on wheels because she never drives. >> i look forward to someone coming in because i'm home most of the time alone. >> reporter: on thursday the national office of meals on wheels saw 50 times the typical amount of daily donations following the release of the budget plan from the trump administration. volunteer sign-ups also jumped by 500%. that's why these young ladies say they danced for a difference when they put on their benefit show. >> it adds more like meaning to the performance. >> reporter: this local branch says it will serve 100,000 meals this year and 70% of its budget is based on government funding. >> they work every single day tirelessly to make sure there aren't people left behind in our community and in communities across the country. >> last year meals on wheels fed 2.4 million senior citizens across the country. back in the bay area tonight it took days, but a
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mysterious mercury spill in antioch is finally cleaned up. the dangerous silver substance was first spotted monday in an area on manzanita way. there were seven separate areas containing the liquid mercury. it's still unclear where it came from and even though it's cleaned up local, state and federal officials will continue to monitor that area. tonight caltrans says a track on a highway 101 overpass in palo alto is 45 feet instead of about 20 feet. the crack happened when a dump truck driver on embarcardero road forgot to lower the bed of his truck. chopper 5 was overhead earlier today and one of the lanes is still closed for repair work. tonight an east bay family wants to know what kind of heartless person would steal a handicapped van? this black chevy express van has a ramp for a wheelchair and other custom made features. the couple uses it to transport
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their adult son who is disabled and can't sit up on his own. someone stole it right out of their driveway last night on stanford way in livermore. >> we want the van back. we don't want to have to buy a new van or borrow or rent a van. we just want the van that was perfect for danny. it's danny's van. we only drove when he was in it. >> they say without the van they have no way to take their son danny to doctor's appointments. if you have seen the van, contact the livermore police. there's a picture of it. up next 17 minutes on the white house lawn, new details from the secret service about the bay area man accused of hopping over the white house fence. >> also ahead the couple who spotted a big cat in the south bay and then started walking toward it, the close encounter you have to see. >> plus it looks simple, but it's pure genius. the student who figured out how to catch all the march madness
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right from his desk. river has so >> a little bit of weather madness, we almost hit 80 degrees today, but rain is in the forecast. as a matter of fact, five of the next seven days carry a chance,,,,,,,,
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explaining to do tonight. somehow .. they wound up here! launched into an insurance office! the crash started a this truck driver has some explaining to do tonight. somehow he wound up there, yeah, launched into an insurance office building. the crash started a install fire in ventura county. the fire sprinklers eventually put it out. the building as you might expect sustained pretty damage. one person in the truck was hurt. two others ran away. a bay area man is at the center of an embarrassing new secret service scandal tonight. be with basketball's emily turner -- kpix5's emily turner is here to explain. >> the man was wandering around the white house grounds for 15 minutes and what's even more concerning is what could have happened in that quarter hour.
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we've known jonathan tran as the white house fence jumper since he scaled it just over a week ago, but we now know he was an interloper for almost 17 minutes before he was stopped all while president trump was in residence and for much longer than washington is comfortable with. >> the idea that somebody could jump the fence at the white house, be on the grounds for upwards of 15 plus minutes, be right up against the building, hide behind a pillar and then jiggle the door? that can never ever happen and yet it happened again. >> reporter: our cameras were the only ones on tran when he went to register for the ankle monitoring device. what were you doing at the white house? >> just wanted attention. >> reporter: but his behavior begs the question what if his i sinister? what were you planning to do there? were you planning to try to talk to the president or harm him? >> i don't know. no comment. >> reporter: this mill feet -- man may have pulled -- milpitas man may have pulled a seemingly
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benign stunt, but it exposed concerns in white house security. tran scaled one 5-foot fence, one 8-foot fence and 13 1/2 feet all for while uniformed divisions officers ascertained to locate the individual. he almost got into the executive mansion with two cans of mace, a u.s. passport, a computer and one of mr. trump's books, all this while mr. trump was right inside. the president called you a troubled person. how do you feel about that? >> i don't deny that. >> tran faces up to 10 years in prison if he's convicted. he'll neck appear in court for a preliminary -- next appear in court for a preliminary hearing in washington on april 13. emily turner, kpix5. new video of a very close encounter with a mountain lion. a viewer named warren sent us this incredible video. he and his wife were hiking in quick silver park in san jose
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around 5:30 this evening. the big cat looked right at them but never made a move. they were about 60 feet apart at one point. he felt safe enough to walk closer for a better view. in the end the cougar stalked off. a groundbreaking today in san jose for the city's first homeless high rise, a five- story building going up at the corner of second and humboldt streets. once it's completed it will feature 1 him 34 units that will -- 134 units that will only be used by the homeless in san jose. this projects lab in the works for about eight years and could take another five to complete. >> this being, of course, the first fully supportive affordable housing project in our city, that is a great thing and this will be the model for what we're going to build in the future. >> the homeless advocates say even more housing is needed. they believe about 4,000 men and women are living on the
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streets. more bad news for big retailers tonight, jc penny announced it's -- j.c. penney's announced it's shutting the doors today on 138 stores including the one in richmond in june. some workers may be transferred to other stores. if others may be offered early -- others may be offered early retirement. many may be out of a job. did you wear your green today? today is st. patty's day. i did. you did not. >> that's what i hear. for many the party is still going on tonight. even san francisco city hall is getting into the spirit and that's where kpix5's cate cauguiran is tonight. >> reporter: it's widely known on st. patrick's day no matter where you're from, you're irish. as you can see behind me, san francisco city hall is even dressed up for the holiday. >> st. patrick's day is a san francisco tradition. >> st. patty's day is the best day of the year. >> reporter: it's a day to paint the town green.
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what do you love about st. patrick's day? >> drink! >> a lot of people having fun, a lot of dancing, drinking, good music, makes me homesick. >> reporter: shawn hanie is a northern ireland native and owner of the popular san francisco pub the plow and the stars. >> this is one of my favorite bars. the people welcome everyone. >> reporter: the holiday coupled with march madness had some celebrating more than just the luck of the irish. >> the big dance on st. patrick's day, it's the way it is. i mean usc beating smu, you can't beat it. >> reporter: by midday the pub was packed with irish natives and those who wish they could be. >> just to get a day off work and celebrate. just an excuse. >> reporter: how do you feel about that? >> bring it on. >> honey, happy st. patty's day and whatever you do, do it right and now. >> reporter: in san francisco
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cate cauguiran, kpix5. in class? >> good advice. we all know it's also march madness. >> what do you do if you of want to watch the game -- if you want to watch the game and you're stuck in class? easy. it's modern technology. prettien genius, this instagram -- pretty ingenious, this instagram video taken at marin catholic school. a student taped his phone to his classmate's back, probably got the cbs station up there. the teacher was none the wiser. wait till tomorrow after she sees this. >> paul, you will never do this. >> he'll be able to watch the game from home next week when he's suspended. great idea until we put it on television after you shared it with the world. we've got some green for st. patrick's day on the radar, mendocino and humboldt county where the weekend rain will stay, widespread rain returning to the bay area monday. tonight we go mostly cloudy, fremont 50, san rafael 50, san francisco 52 degrees, a big
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party in the city tonight, weather cooperating. three different storms between now and next friday. the first one is actually pummeling the pacific northwest currently. this one is going to miss us to the north. what we will get from this, the legacy of the weekend change to your forecast is cloud cover. we go mostly cloudy over the weekend. mostly cloudy with rain north of santa rosa tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy with rain north of santa rosa tomorrow evening. we'll throw in sunday as well. a tiny chance of a coastal shower. otherwise we're just cloudy and cooler this weekend, but by monday we get things more organized to the north and bring a cold front through monday night into tuesday. how much rain are we talking? not a significant amount of rainfall, should not be a flood producer, but by tuesday at lunchtime up to about 3/4-inch of rainfall in napa and the north bay, about 1/3 inch for san jose and about 1/2 of an inch of rainfall in san francisco. things are changing as the weekend will be mostly cloudy and cooler but likely will stay mainly dry. the far north bay is the exception. our first widespread rain
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chance is not until late monday into tuesday. then about this time next week there is the potential, not a guarantee, but potential for soak rain next thursday and next friday. highs tomorrow, this represents cooler. this is nice. cooler is 68 degrees in oakland, 67 in san francisco and napa cloudy, upper 60s for you. rain stays in the north bay over the weekend. monday night the rain hits all of us. tuesday looks wet after a dry break in the middle of the week more rain likely late next week. so we are trending a bet wetter. say hello to spring. >> all right. spring showers. >> a lot of flowers. >> thank you, paul. coming up next why a new addition to one bay area zoo will have to be raised by zookeepers themselves. >> and here are tonight's guests on the late ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at the oakland zoo. the 5-month old wallaroo lost his mother a coupl you have to see this. this may be the cutest video of the night. look at this little guy of the oakland zoo. this 5-month-old walleroo lost its mother to an infection. now zookeepers are hand feeding it and raising it themselves. a walleroo is similar to a kangaroo. zookeepers will continue to care for him until he's big enough to join the others at the zoo. >> they made a little pouch for him. >> the thing is he gets older, he's just going to follow everybody around because he thinks they're part of his
2:03 am
pack. >> those feet will get bigger. i got some big feet in this sportscast coming up. how about beast most in silver and black, raider nation? very got your attention? >> -- have i got your attention? >> and ther to of uc davis -- ,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. how is your bracket doing now? many >> ncaa tournament up top, 32 games in two days, how is your bracket doing now? many of you went with uc davis, dark jerseys, david versus goliath in kansas and the aggies weren't backing down. a snyder side pocket 3 kept it tied 13-13 early, but just like that kansas began to look like a top seed. 50-28 at the half. jayhawks dropped a hundy on the
2:05 am
16 seed, 100-62, five jayhawks in double figures and an experience uc davis will never forget. st. mary gaels in white, need a little of this and a lot of this. now, the gaels here and the shot after shot, if they have any chance versus second seed arizona saturday in salt lake city. now the gaels here and the wildcats, they aren't total strangers. the two teams have had scrimmages against each other the last two summers. coach randy bennett thinks the best way to get better is train with somebody better. >> our teams we played were pretty good. we felt like we've benefited from it. i think that's the best way i could put it. we felt we played one of the top two tore three teams in the west -- or three teams in the west and played pretty well against them and i think it helped us. it gave us confidence for those seasons.
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are you ready for a return of beast mode in the nfl? well, retired seahawks running back marshawn lynch after a year of retirement reportedly is drawing interest from the raiders. going to happen at all... the raiders have a major need at running back after latavius gned with the minnes now the seahawks have the rights to him, so a trade would have to happen if this was to happen at all. the raiders have a major need at running back after latavius murray signed with the minnesota vikings and at the 11th hour i have information that beast mode reportedly has gone to pete carroll to ask for his release. stay tuned for that one. can you imagine? wow, that would sell some tickets. >> that would. >> people going out to see the oakland native carry the rock for the raiders. >> bring your,, ,,
2:07 am
have a great weekend. --vo scrip the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> have a great weekend! a lot of ncaa action all weekend long, big game tomorrow. >> big game tomorrow for college and high school, mission bears going for the norcal. >> do it. see you monday. ,,,,
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